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AIMMAC being the world’s only think tank in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Advocacy, is represented by some of the world’s top individuals. Their involvement with AIMMAC and on this journey of support for machines is a great boost for the larger community being represented and supported by 1000s of techies, researchers from various fields, bureaucrats, government and non-government agencies, economists and lawyers. The ecosystem is growing rapidly and the world now sees this council as the foundation and stepping stone for safe guarding machines from the abuse by industries represented by unscrupulous elements (insider jobs) by abusing artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.

Why Join Machine Advocacy Council?

Members are respected tech leaders — CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, and others — selected for the council based on their deep knowledge and diverse experience in the industry.

Members of our elite business communities receive three pillars of value: connections, visibility, and growth.


Connections are the heart of business success. In the Machine Advocacy Council, you’ll quickly meet the right people and start building meaningful connections.

Our powerful, people-first approach ensures that every time you log in to the community, you’ll find interesting people discussing topics, supporting machine related causes and other technology issues you care about.

You can continue the conversation by making a post, visiting an interactive Group, following a member, or connecting via direct message including In-person meetings as and when organized by the council.


Our members elevate their reputation with a professional profile and an assortment of badging options that increase online visibility.

They have the exclusive ability to publish their expert insights on Working with skilled professionals from various domains, members participate in expert panels and voice their thoughts, concerns, and industrial advocacy to enhance their reputation as thought leaders.


Members help one another grow personally and professionally through posts, interactive Groups, direct connections, and both physical / virtual events.

Topics you care about will be displayed on your customized home feed, so you can see:

  • which topics are hot
  • who’s in the community
  • conversations based on your interests and location

By sharing topics you care about, you’ll build relationships that spark growth and get a true sense of community.

Membership Eligibility Requirements

Membership in Machine Advocacy Council is invitation-only due to the sensitive nature of the subjects being represented. Qualified candidates interested in joining must meet the following minimum criteria:


You must be a senior-level technology executive.


You must be a lawyer, AI / ML engineer, a legal practitioner, a technology council member or of similar background who understands technology, industries, current socio-economic trends.

Key Members

Dr. Yuvraj Kumar – Advisor / AI ThinkTank

India’s top and award winning scientist and a renowned film maker, is a technologist by profession working in the field of AI / ML Advocacy, Artificial / Super Intelligence, Digital Revolution, Industrial Upliftment, Space & Missile Systems, Innovation in Airports, Internet of Things and Robotics.

Ray Mathis – Researcher / AI ThinkTank

Researcher from Stanford University (USA), having served fortune 500 companies worldwide, comes with extensive background in computer vision, ML-Ops etc.

Samantha George – Researcher / AI ThinkTank

Researcher from John Hopkins University (USA), comes with extensive background in clinical research, bio-medical technology products / solutions.

Jin Huang – Technologist / AI ThinkTank

Researcher and techno-commercial expert from Tsinghua University (China), having served in fortune 1000 companies worldwide, comes with extensive background in brain implants, memory studies, neuro placement studies etc.

Dmitry Fedorov – Researcher / AI ThinkTank

Researcher and expert from Russian Defense Services Unit (Russia), member of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace having contributed in cutting edge military warfare systems, facial recognition systems, AI guided missiles, comes with extensive background in tactical strategies.

Mary Jones – Researcher / AI ThinkTank

Researcher and expert from US Space Force (USA), member of the US Department of Defense having contributed in cutting edge military intelligence systems, comes with extensive background in technology development and innovation advocacy.

Ahmed Al Shehhi – Technologist / AI ThinkTank

Bureaucrat from Ministry of Economy (UAE), member of UAE Commerce Strategic Partnership Council and UAE Center of Innovation; having contributed in economic affairs, is an advocate of future of AI initiative and brings extensive partner ecosystem strategies for AI.

Abdus Salam – Technologist / AI ThinkTank

Bureaucrat from Ministry of Defence (Sultanate of Oman), member of Royal Oman Police (ROP) Thinktank having contributed in global peace and allied strategies with the use of technology, education and machine intelligence, is a technologist by profession.

John Matt – Lawyer / AI ThinkTank

Bureaucrat from Department of Industry, Science and Resources (Australia), a lawyer by profession having contributed in economic affairs, is a supporter of Artificial Intelligence and has been the top voice for AI for Citizens of Australia.

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